An improved habitat and existence for the Eleonora’s falcon

Around 80% of the global population of the Eleonora’s falcon breeds in Greece. A lack of  suitable breeding sites makes this species extremely vulnerable, especially in the face of climate change. Other threats the birds endure are illegal hunting, tourism and predators like rats. LIFE ElClimA improved the bird’s habitat on several Greek islands, helping it adapt to climate change. To boost breeding, the team ran the largest-ever rat eradication operation in the Aegean. This saw 705 hectares on seven islets – an area four times as big as Monaco – becoming rat-free. They installed around 1 000 artificial nests at five sites and planted fruit trees, bushes and cereals for the birds to feed on. And they produced a good practice guide on the falcon’s foraging sites in Greece and southeast Africa. This was sent to relevant authorities in Greece, the Mediterranean and Africa so that they too could help the falcon adapt to climate change.

University of Patras Research Committee