Green and blue infrastructure enhancing biodiversity and curbing climate change

In Flanders, Belgium, open space in peri-urban areas is often converted into housing, commercial buildings, and infrastructure like roads, railways and airports. This open space loss amounts to around seven hectares per day, an area thirteen times bigger than a football field. It reduces biodiversity loss, increases the risk of floods and deprives people of recreational spaces. The LIFE GREEN4GREY team introduced green and blue infrastructure elements across this densely- populated region to enhance biodiversity and fight climate change. Work included transforming former mining sites and farmland into multipurpose landscapes. The team restored ponds and grew large forests, natural grasslands, bushes and orchards. They also helped prevent flooding by restoring natural water courses like streams. And they engaged with residents, local businesses and schools to raise awareness of climate issues. Also, their green and blue infrastructure guides are being used by other European regions.

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (Flemish Land Agency)