LIFE IAS Free Habitats

Improving and maintaining the conservation status of three of the rarest and most vulnerable natural forest and grassland habitat types in Bulgaria

LIFE IAS Free Habitats restored territories of two of Bulgaria’s most vulnerable forest and two grassland habitats in three Natura 2000 zones. The project team made a breakthrough in the restoration of the Greek juniper, an ancient species that is very difficult to reproduce and is threatened with extinction in Europe. The project also addressed one of the major threats for the habitats – invasive alien plants – and managed to obtain the commitment of local authorities and farmers to remove these plants from their land. The lessons learned are presented to all stakeholders in a guide for good practices and methods, the first of its kind in Bulgaria. Training was organised at national level among experts of governmental institutions. With the input of all stakeholders, a conservation plan for the rare habitat of the Greek juniper was developed.

Information and Nature Conservation Foundation
Bulgaria, preliminary data collection from projects in Greece and Cyprus