Life LowCarbon Feed

Producing two new goat feeds from food waste

Europe’s farms generate some 700 million tonnes of waste annually and a lot of it goes into landfill, which can pollute the environment. To counter this, LIFE LowCarbon Feed produced two new goat feeds from food waste. The first was derived from rice straw, while the second came from citrus waste. Both were tested on farms in Spain and Italy. The team converted around 90 tonnes of this waste into feed, which is around 15 times the weight of an elephant. Both feeds reduce emissions from the goats by between 8 and 22%. The outreach campaign reached 11 million people across Europe. The citrus feed should be on the market this year.

La Unió de Llauradors I Ramaders del País Valencia
Spain (potential for replication in Italy, France, Greece, Austria and the Netherlands)