Communications campaign to prevent food waste, promote healthy eating, and encourage food waste recycling

In the EU, around 20% of the food produced is either lost or wasted. And in London alone, people throw away around 900 000 tonnes of food each year – that’s around 80 times heavier than The Eiffel Tower. The LIFE TRiFOCAL London team ran a communications campaign called Small Change, Big Difference. The goal was to encourage Londoners to change their usual shopping, storage and meal preparation habits. Their approach helps prevent food waste, promotes healthy eating, and encourages food waste recycling. Between 2017 and 2019, they helped to reduce the amount of avoidable household food waste by 9%. And there was a 14% rise in recycling such waste. The team set up an online ‘Resource Bank’ to help other cities like Barcelona, Dublin, Milan and Vienna follow the same approach.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme
United Kingdom (replication in Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Malta and Sweden)