Lille Vildmose

Restoring the largest raised bog in lowland northwest Europe

Around 85% of the EU’s peatland habitats are threatened. Despite their high environmental, economic and social importance, as well as their potential to curb climate change, peatland degradation continues. To counter this decline, LIFE Lille Vildmose worked to restore the largest raised bog in northwest Europe – Denmark’s Lille Vildmose. The team reintroduced the wet conditions vital for peat to form. Work included reviving Lake Birkesø – it now has a surface area of 130 hectares, an area three times bigger than Vatican City. They also raised the water level on 770 hectares of peatland and cut down 200 hectares of Birch trees. The Black stork, Wood sandpiper and White-tailed eagle are now thriving. The bog is today one of the country’s largest and most popular nature sites. It has also become a blueprint for peatland restoration.

Danish Nature Agency