LIFE Planet Farms

Innovative air treatment, hydroponic irrigation and automated systems for the first industrial vertical farm in EU.

Global competition for natural resources, especially water, is intensifying. Agriculture consumes about 70% worldwide, rising to 95% in agriculture-based nations, often inefficiently.

LIFE Planet Farms presented an innovative solution with the EU’s first industrial vertical farm, showcasing a 10,000 m² facility for vegetables and herbs. Through cutting-edge air treatment, hydroponics, and automation, it demonstrated significant reductions in resource consumption.

The project delivered positive environmental, socio-economic, and awareness-raising impacts on water management, sustainable agriculture, and pesticide reduction. Key achievements include an 88-95% reduction in water, over 95% less fertilizer use and 100% elimination of pesticides compared to industrial agriculture, marking a milestone in sustainable agriculture.

Planet Farms Italia Società Agricola S.r.l.
Italy, the Netherlands